Introduction: How to Remove Light Scratches in Door Handles

If you haven't noticed, one of the most commonly scratched areas on any car is inside the door handles. This is of course because it is the most frequently touched surface on the exterior of the car, and many times there's a key in your hand when reaching for that handle. This can result in your key making contact with the paint and leaving some deep, unpleasant scratches. Well thankfully those scratches are actually very easy to remove. I hope to have easily shown how to remove these scratches and keep those commonly touched places on your car looking as good as new.


The supplies you'll be needed will include:

1. Normal car wash supplies (car soap, a wash pad)

2. Any cheap bottle of polishing compound

3. A clean soft rag

4. A microfiber towel

Step 1: Step 1: Washing Your Car

For the first step, you must clear the work space of any foreign substances, such as dirt, oil, brake dust, etc. It's not required to do a full wash of your car, but at the very minimum you must thoroughly clean the areas where the scratches are present. If you do not clean them properly and leave dirt behind, the rag you will be using may pick up the dirt and drag it over the surface of your car, resulting in more scratching. So, use your car wash soap, water, and a clean wash pad to clear that surface of debris.

Step 2: Step 2: Removing the Scratches

This is the step where you actually remove those hideous scratches. First, you want to verify that the surface is clean, and also be sure that the surface isn't hot to the touch. Heat will cause the polish to dry on the surface, and it's not a very enjoyable process to remove it. One this is done, you want to apply a small amount of polish on to your clean soft rag (approximately the width of a dime is a good starting amount). Once the polish is applied to the rag, go ahead and begin moving in circular motions on the scratches while applying a light pressure, slightly more than the weight of your hand will work sufficiently. Continue moving in circular motions and applying more polish to the rag if the surface begins to feel like its resisting against the circular motions. Continue this process until you are satisfied with the appearance of the paint.

Step 3: Step 3: Removing Left Over Polish

As the title suggests, now you will be removing the excess polish that is left on the surface. Simply take your clean microfiber rag and wipe away the white powdery substance that remains on the paint. Make sure to clean the cracks on the door handle itself, polish tends to build up there. As long as you aren't letting the polish dry on the surface, this process should be extremely simple and done without any hiccups. Once you polish is removed from the surface, you're done!