Introduction: How to Remove Warts, Growths and Skin Tags With Nail Polish / Varnish

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We have been using nail varnish to remove warts and growths for over 50 years. I used it when I was a child and saw the results for myself, and have been using it ever since.

It has proven to be a very effective method in the removal of warts, skin tags and skin growths, shutting off the air supply and causing apoptosis (cell death) in skin growths. The acetone in the nail varnish penetrates the warts and growths, neutralising the cells. It does sting a little on application and care must be taken not to allow it to come into contact with the eye, if like Olive, the growth is close to it.

I have seen it remove large benign skin growths within two weeks. The larger growths tend to shrivel and the nail varnish loosens, requiring further applications. Hope you find this useful. Andrew

Step 1: Purchase Some Nail Polish / Nail Varnish.

I used my wife's nail polish, which is clear, but coloured will do same job, though obviously more visible.
It should smell of strong acetone. I mention this because there are variants that are acrylic and we need the acetone to attack the skin growths, warts or skin tags.

Apply with care when growth is close to the eye, as with Olive, our bull terrier.

Remove excess from the brush and apply with light coats, to avoid it running off to other areas, especially when working close to the eyes.

Two coats is required with each application, allowing first coat to dry before reapplying.

Step 2: Results After One Week

Olive's skin growth shrivelled up and dropped off after 1 week.

Larger growths will take longer and due to shrinkage, more applications will be required.

We have used this method for over 50 years and seen amazing results with skin tags, warts and growths.

Acetone, also known as dimethylketone, is a colourless liquid with a sweet smell. It is one of the most used chemical solvents in the world. Although it is extremely flammable, acetone has a very low toxicity and is naturally produced by the body in small amounts.

This method works the same for ourselves. It does sting a little, though this is usually for a few seconds as the polish is drying.

If we paint nail varnish on to normal skin, no stinging is felt, so clearly, it is being taken in by the growth or wart.

Step 3: Short Video Showing Olive Before Treating Her and Results After

Walk through video, showing effects on a skin growth / tumour on a bull terrier

How to Remove Warts, Growths and Skin tags with nail polish / varnish