How to Remove a Car Engine




Introduction: How to Remove a Car Engine

Here's how to remove a car's engine and transmission.

This my first time removing an engine from a car. It was an
amazing learning experience, and I did (most) of it myself! I documented some of the major steps in the video below:

The engine and transmission were removed from my 2001 Toyota
Corolla. I opted to disassemble major components off of the engine in the car before removing the assembly. If your doing a straight engine swap, you can skip those steps.

Step 1: Disassembly

Here's what the engine bay looks like, untouched.

Alternator removed

Lower radiator hose, water pump and thermostat


A/c Compressor

Air intake, battery and air box

Exhaust manifold

Step 2:

Now the engine bay should look like this with a lot of components removed. Much cleaner!

Now remove:

A/C condenser

Power steering pump


Step 3:

Now for the more technical bits, wires, hoses, fluids and axles

Transmission shift cable and linkage

Hoses, fuel lines and wiring harness. Note, the manual says to remove the harness from the ECU inside the car.

Drain fluids

Axle nut

Remove axles

BF pry bar

Step 4: Engine Mounts

Engine has four engine mounts, front, rear (under the
steering rack), transmission and engine side

Support engine

Rear mount bolts

Front mount bolts. Mine was stuck in the bushing

Tranny mount will have to come off the fender to be lifted up

Engine side mount

Now everything is resting on the jack stands below

Step 5: Strap Up the Engine and Lift!

Strap it up. I used a big chain and seat belts to stabilize

Once its high enough, I rolled the car backward

Step 6: Engine Stand

Check out that wheel gap with the weight off the front wheels!

Finally installed the engine on its stand so I can work on it.

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    3 years ago

    Check out poca908able on YouTube .. subscribe great content for help

    Bavazoravar 7
    Bavazoravar 7

    Question 3 years ago

    In lower engine disassembly do we have to remove the upper engine or we can remove lower engine without removing upper engine.


    4 years ago

    Good video. I have removed engines before and I know that video took a while to make. Sure looks like a lot of things to disconnect to remove that engine. Are you going to follow up with the engine tear down and rebuild project video. I would be interested in see it, and the transmission as well. I also have rebuilt a lot of transmissions but never a transverse mounted type. So that video would interesting as well.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks, I'm glad you appreciate my work. Yes it did take a few days after work to film and disassemble the engine. I will be doing more videos on tearing down this engine to show how it works inside, as well as subtopics for other parts of the car, including the tranny. Suggestions are welcome!