Introduction: How to Remove the White Background From Images Using GIMP

You know the annoying white (or any colour) background on most of the images you download from the internet? Well here's how to remove it... using GIMP. GIMP is a piece of free software that is like an alternative to Photoshop. Download it here:GIMP. I suppose there are other methods, time-consuming ones but this is the easiest I've found...

Step 1: Open GIMP.

The easiest way to open the image in GIMP is to right click it and click "Edit With GIMP". If you were wondering, I will be using GIMP 2.8. It will then load up with a professional-looking box. And yes, I used GIMP for the screenshots.

Step 2: Do Some Right-Clicking!

Now Right-Click your image, go to colours (or colors in this case) and then go to "Colour to Alpha". You could also use the bar at the top. This is the option that will delete the white background by making it transparent.

Step 3: The Menu in More Detail...

Now you simply need to click "OK" and it'll do it. To change the colour just click the block of colour between "From" and "To Alpha", you'll then instantly get you're results. If you don't like it, press Ctrl-Z.

Step 4: Now Save It

Go to file,Export As.... Find a place to save the file and save it! You no longer have an annoying white background!

Step 5: Let's Compare...

So as you can see, it works! Thanks for Reading!