Introduction: How to Render Realistic 3D Clothes in Keyshot Tutorial

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In this free Keyshot rendering tutorial you'll learn how to render realistic 3D clothes in Keyshot 5. To follow along with this tutorial, download the free 3D clothing model here. This rendering digital clothes tutorial is also useful for Marvelous Designer users since it covers how to export the 3D clothes model from Marvelous Designer software to Keyshot.

Step 1: Rendering 3D Clothing in Keyshot Video Tutorial

Here's the video tutorial how to render digital 3D clothes in Keyshot software.

Below are some image captures showing how to export Marvelous Designer clothing to Keyshot and how to hide the avatar.

Step 2: Exporting Marvelous Designer Clothes to Render in Keyshot

Before you export your Marvelous Designer clothing you must make sure that you have named all the patterns correctly. You can either rename the pattern pieces from the 'Scene' tab, or simply click on a pattern and then give it an easy to understand name.

Step 3: Marvelous Designer Clothing Model Export Settings

When exporting your Marvelous Designer clothing model, make sure to select all patterns. You can either export it with or without the avatar. If you have any stitches, text, logos or 2D graphics on your clothes you will want to select all 2D graphics as well when you export your 3D clothes OBJ.

Make sure to remeber what units you export your model (cm, mm, m etc).
If you applied any other color over your Fabric textures in Marvelous Designer, then you will want to check the box that says 'Export with Textures' AND the box that says 'Diffuse Color Combined on Texture'.

Step 4: Importing Marvelous Designer Clothes Model Into Keyshot

When importing the Marvelous Designer clothing model into Keyshot render engine make sure to use the same units as you used when you exported your clothing model.

Step 5: To Render 3D Clothing Without Avatar

If you decide you want to hide your avatar and only see your 3D clothing model, click on the first material that belongs to your avatar and then holding down shift click on the last material.

Step 6: Hide Avatar

Once you have all the avatar materials selected, right click on them and select 'Add to Group'.
Give your group a name and click OK. Now you'll easily be able to assign a material to your entire avatar in one go, as well as hide and show your avatar.

Step 7: Time to Modify Materials of Our Clothing 3D Model

Now that you have hidden your avatar, you can now start modifying the materials and colors of your 3D clothing model.

Step 8: Changing Color & Texture for the 3D Clothing Model

By applying different seamless fabric textures onto your 3D clothes model or simply by changing the color you can achieve a completely different look.

Step 9: Lighting the 3D Clothing OBJ

To light your 3D clothes model you can either use one of the HDR environment presets that come with Keyshot, import an environment or use a plugin like HDR light studio to create your own environment.

Step 10: Adding 3D Zipper Model to the 3D Clothes Render

You can import additional OBJ models such as zipper pullers to add more realistic detail to your digital clothing renders. Download free 3D zipper model OBJ over here. You can scale the zipper model as well as the different parts of the zipper puller model, apply different metal or plastic material presets onto it and change its color. Use the gizmo to position the zipper model exactly where you want it to be.

Step 11: Download Free 3D Clothes Models to Practice Rendering Digital Clothing

Watch the Keyshot rendering video tutorial in the first step to see step-by-step how to add seamless fabric textures to your 3D clothing model, how to change colors of the textures, how to add fabric detail with a normal map and how to create a lighting environment with HDR light studio plugin for Keyshot.

Visit for free to download 3D zipper models, tiling zipper textures, seamless fabric textures and free 3D clothing models that you can use to practice rendering clothes in Keyshot.