How to Repaint Resin Yard Ornaments




Introduction: How to Repaint Resin Yard Ornaments

Yard ornaments made of resin, like gnomes, often fade in color over time. Instead of tossing them, you can make them last a little longer by simply repainting them.

Step 1: Materials

* A can (or cans if you're using more than one color) of acrylic spray paint. Preferably weather-resistant.

* Scissors

* A roll of adhesive drawer liner

In this instance, I am repainting two mushroom ornaments, and I want to make them red with white polka dots.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Shapes

I wanted to make several sizes of polka dots, so I used various lids from my kitchen. You can obviously cut out any shapes you like.

Step 3: Put Down a Barrier for Painting

I used old paper grocery bags, but you can use an old sheet, etc. You just want to be sure you contain the overspray of the paint.

Step 4: Add Your Stickers

You may or may not want or need to use stickers, but if you are make sure the surface you're adhering them to is clean and dry or they won't stick properly.

Step 5: Painting

When spray painting, be sure that in addition to covering the area around the item that you also cover any parts of the ornament that you do NOT want to overspray. In the case of this mushroom, I wasn't concerned since I was only spraying the cap.

If you're painting an ornament that has lots of intricate colors and shapes, you will probably want to use outdoor acrylics with brushes instead of spray paint.

Step 6: Completion

Once the paint is dry you can remove the stickers.

Place the finished ornaments back in your garden and enjoy!

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    How did you make the mushrooms?