How to Repair Broken Bed




Introduction: How to Repair Broken Bed

I had a broken bed. And I decided to get it sorted. All the information in the video but if you want even more, follow all the steps and check out the whole description and pictures of the details.

Step 1: One Day My GF Told Me That We Have a Small Problem

The whole situation happened on Sunday evening. You have to be aware that I live in the middle of nowhere, and we do not have hare any furniture shops opened 24/7. I could have bought a new bed in the nearest Argos that would open the next day, night on the floor.... oh yeah. Yes, I could have used proper materials and tools, unfortunately I had none. So I had to rely on the stuff I obtained form friends and my sharp and mighty brain. Knowing the situation plz watch the video and don't call me a stupid studge in the comments below, unless it rally helps you ;) Enjoy.

Step 2: Sunday Afternoon

As it was Sunday afternoon I had to make do with the tools that I could have borrowed form my friends as shops were already closed. I managed to borrow one electric driver, a couple of screws and I had a small jig saw on my own. I was quite determined to do a good job to properly fix the bed so it will not happen again

Step 3: The Lifting Beam

The main beam was broken into two parts. Actually the beam was torn into two parts so I had to use my small jig saw to provide a good fit for these two parts.

Step 4: Composite Beam

I did not have replacement for the main beam so I decided to use slightly shorter beam, I stole it form my small one's room. I should screw the legs to the blue beam to begin with but I did not think about that at that particular moment. Anyways, To combine these two beams I decided to use a bit of cello-tape a coupe of wood screws. It is quite handy to drill a leading hole with a small diameter drill and a shallow larger diameter hole for the screw head so it fits nicely and will not damage the mattress, later.

Step 5: Bed Legs - Too Long

As I added the blue beam under the original beam the bed legs were too long. I had to adjust them with my small saw. Small metal saw was handy as some of the old screws were inside the bed legs and I had to cut through them. My precision in cutting the legs wasn't greatest so after being too long they became too short, but that was all right as this two or five millimeters did not make a big difference as after applying pressure on the top of the bed they rest on the floor without any problems. It seems to be even better for moving the bed around as they do not scratch the floor.

Step 6: Problem With the Legs

The bed legs were not the best design, they would simply wobble around so I decided to make them better.

Step 7: The PVC Pipe

To reinforce the legs I used pvc pipe form one of my previous projects

I cut the pipe with my small jig saw to fit between the legs. To stabilise the construction even more I diagonally attached a shorter pipe to one of the legs and the beam. Now the construction is fully good. I know what I am talking about as I tested the bed for last 2 weeks and it is simply better than it ever was.

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    6 years ago

    That is a pretty clever repair!

    Max DIY
    Max DIY

    Reply 6 years ago

    Thx mate