Introduction: How to Repair Burned Arduino or ESP32

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In this video you will learn how to fix your burnt out Arduino or ESP32!

This can bring you an excellent financial income, with something that you love to do.

I used two new tools and they were a soldering station that I didn't think worked so cheaply, and which to my amazement is great, and a large CCD microscope that has a very good image for its price, and is capable of making very accurate measurements.

Although I have no practice with SMD components, I did the maintenance so that the Arduinos and ESP32 went back to work and saved me a lot. Check it out!

Step 1: Resources Used

  • HAYEAR 14 Mega Pixel CCD 1 / 2.3 Inch Microscope
  • Soldering Station JCD 8898
  • Tweezers
  • Solder flux paste


Arduino can burn for several reasons and in several places, the most common places being:

  • Atmega16u2 chip
  • CH340 chip

Step 3: AMS1117 5v Voltage Regulator

Step 4: 3V3 Voltage Regulator

Step 5: ESP32

ESP32, like Arduino, also burns in the regulator. In rare cases it can burn in the USB Chip and also in the PTH Diode soldered on the SMD diode pad.

In the video you will find the details to identify where the problem is.