Introduction: How to Repair Busted Headphones

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Have you ever had that $200 pair of headphones and your beloved happy dog chewing the cable?

Here I will show you how to repair the cable of your badly damaged headphones and basically give them another chance!

Or if you wish to do like me and save yourself $150 by buying busted headphones from ebay for about $20 and then fixing them like a pro!

(This instructable is very similar to another that I've posted, but this is in more detail and shows the whole headphones repair. )

Step 1: Tools and Bits Needed

What you need is a polyurethane sealant to cover the cable repairs.

This will keep the joints tough as well as flexible!

You may need:
  • Cable cutters
  • Knife
  • Clamp

Step 2: Cut Bad Sections

Step 3: Prepare Wires for Soldering

Strip the cable and remove the insulation shield around the individual wires. This is easy to do with a lighter.

Then apply the solder to the ends.

Step 4: Connect

When soldering together the wires, make sure they are insulated.

I used some heat shrink tubing for the insulation.

Step 5: Fixing the Jack

The cable connector was in a bad condition. This could look like it is OK and still not work properly. If you can hear through one of the headphones only or the sound is intermittent, then it is the connector that needs to be fixed.

Step 6: Extract the Metal Tip

We need the metal tip of the cable so all the rest goes to the bin. 

This is where attention needs to be paid to remember which wire goes where.

Step 7: Reconnect the Cable

Solder the wires to their places on the connector.

Keep the wires short and as tidy as possible.

Step 8: Seal the Joints With Polyurethane Silicone

Using something as a spatula, apply some silicone on the soldered joints. Leave for about 24 to 48 hours to let the silicone cure.

Use polyurethane silicone! This will ensure that the rubber stays soft and flexible. There may be other types of suitable silicones, but I do not know, you have to tell me.

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