Introduction: How to Repair Car Bumper

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How to repair car bumper crack and motorcycle fairings at home easy.
Easy and cheap project with great results. Permanent fix with resin and fiberglass. This method can be used to fix many other broken parts like boats and fiberglass parts.

Step 1: Crack Repair

Start by making holes on the crack

Use copper wire to hold the piece as close to the original shape as you can

I use copper wire because it is easy to bend, it will not rust and it is easy to sand

After that turn the piece upside down, the repair will be on the back of the piece

Remove any grease and use sandpaper to prepare the piece.

I use cheap polyester resin and fiberglass

When using the polyester resin try to use the right hardner ratio

Apply the fiberglass and resin on the crack area

After 24h the resin is cured on top and we can work on the piece

I recomend you prepare the fiberglass pieces before you mix the resin with the hardner

I recomend you use gloves, dust mask and safety glasses

Step 2: Sanding and Filler

Cut the copper wire as close to the piece as you can

Use 60grit sandpaper to make the surface smooth, I used electric sanding machine on this step

For better result I recomend to apply a first coat of polyester filler with fiberglass

and the polyester filler with 220grit sandpaper

Apply a thin coat of body filler

Sand with 400grit sandpaper

Step 3: Paint and Results

Apply few coats of plastic primer

Apply the paint after the platic primer has dried

Apply clearcoat to finish the repair

I hope this instructable helped you!!

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