How to Repair Damaged Earphone




Introduction: How to Repair Damaged Earphone

Hi, friends. We all face problems with damaged earphones.Sometimes no sound comes out of it or one of the speakers stops working. But, headphones get damaged hardly. Main problem occurs due to loose connection. You can fix this with simple tools which you can get any electronics shop. 1. Soldering Iron, Soldering wire. 2. Continuity tester (If you have multimeter then you can use it or I will post on how to make continuity tester) Now, come to the main point. The circuit diagram of most of the headphones is like that-

Here the jack has four rings. As there is no standard color coding for earphone, every company has its own coding( even same company changes it for different models of phone! may be to produce artificial crisis!). But when I came across different earphones, I understood one thing that all this earphones have one thing common and that is the first two rings are always for audio output (its color may be RED, GREEN. May vary). The picture underneath is the jack of Micromax E313

Now comes the necessity of continuity tester. If you know how to use it then It's fine, if you don't I will write blog on this topic in future. Now, the problem arise due to following causes- 1. Wire is not connected.2.Loose connection. Wire of the headphone is damaged.

Step 1: Firstly, Open Gently the Box Which Has a Phone Symbol on It. Actually the Control Circuit Is Kept Here.

You will find some circuit which is similar to the circuit above.

If you find SMD resistors, capacitor, don't get panicked just check this, you will find some pleasure- Every company has its own style, but the basic circuit remains same. I have found many times a resistor in series with microphone. * Now use your continuity tester to test the first half of the circuit, that is from jack to the wire entering into the control circuit.In this way you can also find the colors representing Left,Right audio, microphone and common.Write it down in your copy.(If you have a mobile which is not supporting a headphone, you can change the wires after downloading the required color code of your set from internet) If it passes the continuity test then there is no problem in jack. If it does not then replace the jack( you can buy the jack, it's cheap buddy!).

Then solder the wires correctly.

Step 2: Now, Comes the Second Part of Your Earphone That Is Output of Control Circuit to Speakers.

Open those plastic cases carefully and perform continuity test( If you don't want to open the case then open another headphones control box which is working properly and by touching the leads like the picture you can check its functionality. If sound comes out of it, then it is in good condition.

Step 3: Note: Some Times Cutting the Wire and Soldering It Again Solves the Problem.See Below-

Step 4: Any Wire Which Has Been Detached Is Easily Visible. Solder It Properly.

I hope this will solve the problem, if not then comment. Actually I am a student.These types of "fixing" topics give me pleasure! I will share more topics in future. Thank you,

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    10 Discussions


    4 months ago on Step 4

    Sir my problem is my earphones connection to the pcb(mics board) and I can't solder it back even I'm a not half bad in soldering.

    Can you help me because when I open the mic I saw the wire is not connected with the solder stay in the wire and my soldering is not attaching to the board


    Reply 4 months ago

    Pls help this dude(me) haha


    Reply 9 days ago

    Go to near electronic shop he will do it for uit wii not cost


    Question 9 days ago on Step 2

    Sir my Bluetooth earphones board(pcb) has no soldering point and damaged (the point which connected to earphones from doard)

    kaushal grover
    kaushal grover

    Reply 8 months ago

    you can just completely cut out the mic portion and join the wires manually.
    Cut off the microphone cable(maybe red).

    you won't be able to use the earphone's microphone this way...but your smartphone would start using its inbuilt microphone...

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Nice repair job. I can't count the number of times that I have had to resolder a set of head phones.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks bro!