Introduction: How to Repair Earphones

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Earphones are one of the most used things now a days. It will be plugged into ears almost 4 hours a day. People prefer earphones as it is portable compared to headphones.But these earphones gets damaged due to lot of reasons and will not work after 3 to 4 months. Most of the earphones doesn't have warranty so they are just discarded. But it feels a lot when you lose your favorite costly earphone. In this Instructable I will describe how earphone works and how to repair them when they are not working or partially working.

Step 1: Faults and Requirements

There are 3 main reasons for the failure of earphones.

1. Break near 3.5mm Jack (Most common)

2. Break in the wire due to pulling.

3. Coil burn out in earphone speaker (Happens in low quality earphones)

For this repair we will need ,

1. Cutter Blade

2. Multi meter

3. Soldering Iron

4. Epoxy compund

5. Heat shrink tube (Optional)

Step 2: Fault Detection

Open the speakers' coverage with the help of a cutter blade. Now you have access to the terminals of the speaker.

There may be a possibility that the wire connection may have broken if so soldering it back will do the job.

If everything is in place now you can check the speaker of earphone by using multimeter.

For this set your multimeter knob to buzzer or continuity mode and touch two terminals. If the speaker is fine then the reading will be 16 to 32 Ohms. Check both left and right channel.

If everything is fine then solder green wire to the tip of your audio jack, red wire to the next terminal and copper coloured wire to the last i.e negative terminal. If speaker coil is gone i.e if you don't get a beep or value on the multimeter you need to discard the earphone.

Step 3: Fixing the Jack

Use epoxy gum to cover 3.5mm Jack and leave it aside for drying.

Enjoy your music after drying. Congrats you have given a new life to your old dead friend.

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