Introduction: How to Repair Soldering Iron?

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Today during this article we are getting to find out how to repair soldering iron, not heating. it's very easy to repair a hand tool. A hand tool features a component and a control Circuit for Adjusting the Temperature. So, we'll Discuss intimately how we will repair all this thing.

What Actually Happened in my soldering iron and why was hand tool not heating?
One I used to be performing on a project where I even have to solder a PCB. But that point a sudden sound came from the soldering iron. then, the RED Indicator LED of the hand tool has stropped working. I checked the Tip Temperature wasn't Increasing. So, I basically found that there's some quite defect that happened within the soldering iron, as a result, I had to repair It to continue my Working Project.

So, this is often what actually happened.


Step 1:

Open the soldering iron Carefully. confirm you're not giving extra pressure to the Soldering tip. Otherwise, the Soldering Tip may Break.

Step 2:

Here you'll see all the components from the soldering iron. Here you'll also see a Physically Damaged IC. This must be a Triac for voltage regulation. The circuit is like an LED Dimmer Circuit which I even have made previously.

Step 3:

Then I removed the SMD Triac with a Hot Air Gun. If you don’t have this then you'll also use another soldering iron. for removing the Triac.

Step 4:

Here you'll see it's written BT134. it's a Triac. So, My assumption was correct. this is often an SMD Component. In my local market, only THT components were available, SMD wasn't available. once I saw some datasheets then I find that BT136 is best than BT134. By the way, BT136 is widely available within the market at the lowest.

Step 5:

Then I soldered the BT136 and put it to in its Enclosure. and eventually , the soldering iron is prepared to use.

So, beat all, soldering iron is that the most vital thing for electronic enthusiasts. Here you'll see to repair hand tool filament I even have to use another soldering iron. So, I will be able to highly recommend you to stay 1 pair of soldering iron. One like this and another cheap $2 hand tool for the emergency purpose. In my case, I find a Physically Damaged IC so, it's very easy on behalf of me to search out the matter. So, finally, to repair soldering iron we'd like a soldering iron.