Introduction: How to Repair Your Cracked IPhone 5 in Less Then 20 Steps

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How to replace the screen of your iphone 5

A common thing today in our busy world: cracked iphone screens! You carry your phone everywhere you go, constantly traveling in your pocket or purse. It is one of your most important things right there next to your wallet (maybe even worth more then what is in your wallet!). Your phone is under constant abuse. A scratch here, one drop there, and the next thing you know the unthinkable has happened: you cracked your Apple iPhone 5 screen! I hate to break it to you, you are not the first person to do that so take it easy on yourself even though you are probably going to be thinking about it the whole day. More likely you will be thinking it every single day from now on. Every time you check that text message, or update your status. It is there looking right at you with its sad cracked face.

Most people wait it out and replace the phone when a new generation comes out. But what if you just do not have the money to buy the new iphone, or your upgrade isn't for another year? Well looks like you are stuck with your problem doesn't it? Not so fast! Replacing your iphone 5 screen actually isn't as bad as you think it is. Yes you can go to the mall and have it replaced for a hundred dollars, but what if I told you you can replace it for the third of the cost yourself? Do you really think those repair people are rocket scientists that know everything and are crammed working in those little repair stores? The answer might surprise you.

Anyone can replace the cracked screen. All you need are the tools and some courage. I will show you how easy it is by doing the repair in less then twenty steps! At the end of the tutorial you will be walking around with a nice and shiny screen. Your friends will ask you; "Oh You got a new phone finally!" and you will see with a smile; "Nope I replaced the shattered screen myself"!

Welcome to the iPhone 5 repair glass assembly tutorial.

For this project you'll need the following tools: Screen suction cup tool, Pentalobe Screwdriver, philips screw driver, screen opener tool, and a Printable Screw organizer sheet. Lastly, you will need a brand new front screen assembly that has both the glass and the lcd already together. Do not buy the glass only, unless you are going to lcd glue to put it onto the lcd. If you are interested in saving some money it is possible to salvage the lcd with a special machine. Look up lcd separator machine reviews if interested in that but this tutorial does not go through that process. My other tutorial called "How to Replace Glass Only Screen on your iPhone 5s" can help you out so check it out!

Alright so lets start by turning off your iPhone 5.

Step 1: Pentalobe Screws

Remove the bottom screws using a pentalobe screw driver.

Step 2: Removing the Screen

Using the suction cup tool we are going to separate the screen assembly from the chassis. Place the suction cup onto the screen near the home button and pull upward just enough so that there is a gap in between the frame and the screen assembly.Use you case opener tool and work around the gap until it's loose.

Step 3: Battery Connection

Pull the screen back, but not all the way since there are still cables attached underneath. Remove these next three screws including two shields that hold down the battery connector.

Step 4: The Metal Shield

Next you will need to remove these three screws and the shield.

Step 5: The Battery and the Screen Connections

Using the case opener tool, disconnect the battery. Move your way up and you will find the cables connecting the LCD, digitizer, and front facing camera assembly. Disconnect them all from the logic board connection.

Step 6: Take Off Screen

we can now safely remove the screen assembly.

Step 7: The Screen Assembly

In order to reuse all the parts that are on the damaged screen assembly, you will need to take the right parts of it and transfer it to your replacement screen assembly.

Remove these next two screws that hold down ear speaker and the front camera assembly. Underneath that will be a small plastic washer, remove this small plastic washer.

Step 8: Front Camera Assembly

Using a case opener tool, carefully remove the front camera assembly. It's held in place by some adhesive.

Step 9: LCD Shielding Plate

Remove these next few screws holding down the LCD shielding plate. Once the screws are removed, take the shield off and put it aside.

Step 10: The Home Button

Remove these 2 screws that hold down the ribbon cable of the home button. Gently pry up the home button cable as it's still attached by some adhesive. Remove the home button by pressing it inward.

Step 11: Home Button

We are ready to replace the old front screen assembly with a new assembly!

place the home button into the new assembly. Reinstall the home button ribbon over the home button. Don't forget to secure it by pressing on the end contacts where there is adhesive.

Step 12: LCD

Reinstall the LCD shielding plate. Screw it into place.

Step 13: Front Camera Assembly

Reinstall the front camera assembly. Reinstall the small plastic washer.

Step 14: The Ear Speaker

re-install the ear speaker.

Step 15: Placing New Screen Assembly Onto Rear Case

Carefully reinstall the screen assembly back onto the rear case of the iphone 5. Reattach the 3 cables and make sure they snap into place to avoid any problems with loose connections. Reinstall the shield cover that goes on top of the connections.

Step 16: The Battery

Connect the battery back into place. Secure the metal shield over it.

Step 17: Final Step

we can now secure the front screen assembly to the chassis. Make sure the top is flush and then work your way down pushing down towards the bottom until the screen is flush with the frame. Once the screen is flush, reinstall the pentalobe screws at the bottom.

iPhone 5 screen repair complete! Great job!

Step 18: Conclusion

See it wasn't so bad, just like I promised. But wait, this repair seems a little too easy. Why do people pay so much money to have them repaired by those people at the mall? Well it is because most people do not have the courage to open up their $500 iphone 5, but you do. So imagine repairing another one of these, and then another. How much profit can you make? Quite a lot actually. Just go on Ebay and look up cracked iphone5. Dirt cheap. Easy to repair and you can sell them for twice the amount you bought them for back on Ebay. To make even bigger profit, repair people have now figured out how to salvage the lcd display instead of having to replace the entire screen assembly. The issue before was that the glass and lcd were held together by loca glue. Loca glue stands for liquid optically-clear adhesive. It used to be impossible to separate the glass from the lcd because of the strong bond between the two. However, now there are lcd separator machines out there that make the job fast and easy My other tutorial goes into it here. Profit margin is actually tripled because glass only replacement screens cost only $5. In the end it is up to you.