How to Repair Your Devil Horns!



Introduction: How to Repair Your Devil Horns!

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We all want our devil horns to look their best. When they break, you have to repair them!

Step 1: Examine the Damage

Examine your horns to decide what is wrong. In this case it seems like they are broken on the inside. (Just like me)

Step 2: ​Revealing What Has Been Hidden

Carefully open up and spread the red stuff to the sides to reveal what is inside. (Don't be shy)

Step 3: ​Verify Your Suspicions

As you can see, the inside structure was indeed broken. (Like we suspected, my dear Watson)

Step 4: ​Apply Tape

It is very important to add a lot of tape. Especially to the underside of the horns, the part which is nearest to your head. This is to make the structure very stiff, and stiff is good. (wink, wink!)

(Contact your local Silvertejps-Ansvarig if you lack silver tape)

Step 5: ​Adding More Stiffness

Add even more stiffness by using some steel packing band, which you cut to the right width. (Nobody wants flaccid horns)

Step 6: ​Taking the Edge Off Things

File off any sharp edges. (Even devils prefer soft edges over sharp ones)

Step 7: ​Sliding in Place

Put things back together, starting with the metal, which does not slide very well, and then the plastic, which slides in easily. (Not as easy as something else I know of though)

Step 8: ​Needles and Not Pins

Using your mastery of needles and thread, sew the red stuff back together.

Step 9: Passion for Fashion

Make sure that everything went OK by trying on the horns. (So sexy!)

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    4 years ago on Step 9

    10/10. Worked perfectly. Not that I would ever break my devil horns to begin with or anything b-b-b-baka nani.


    5 years ago

    I'm glad you could fix them :) It's a good idea to reinforce them so they don't break again