How to Repair a Hose Nozzle




Introduction: How to Repair a Hose Nozzle

If something is broken, try to repair it before throw it away. It’s not only a thing to save money but also is a thing to help our living environment.

My hose nozzle was broken. Its spring was crushed since long time water corrosion. Instead of to buy a new one, I prefer to repair to save it from the trash can. The following steps are how I did to repair the hose nozzle in my way. Its cost is $0.

Step 1: How Open Hose Nozzle

First thing was to remove the sprayer nut on front of the nozzle. It’s a female hexagon. Do not have a right tool to open it? No problem. A hexagon bolt can work on it. I found there is a hexagon bolt on my table drill. Turn the nozzle on its hexagon a couple times to get the sprayer nut loose. By the way, the sprayer nut is plastic, it's easy to turn. Open the nozzle to see, the spring was rusted and crushed.

Step 2: Find Replacement Springs

What? A shampoo bottle.

Yes, the replacement springs were come from used shampoo bottles. To break its cap to get the spring. I need two since the shampoo spring is little weaker than the original. Don’t worry about two, there is enough space in the nozzle for two shampoo springs.

Step 3: Trim Replacement Springs

Trim both sides of the shampoo spring since the top coil is smaller than the body section.

Step 4: Assemble the Nozzle

Replace the rusted spring with two shampoo springs and assemble the nozzle. I guess the shampoo spring probably is stainless, maybe use longer time than the original one.

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    Question 2 years ago on Introduction

    You did not show how you took the first part off that is my only problem taking the first part off


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This worked great! Just wish I'd read it before hunting all over H.Depot for springs ;)