Introduction: How to Repair a Tubeless Tyre Puncture

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I was driving to the vegetable market, and suddenly there was some "thump thump" sound from rear of the vehicle. On inspection I found a small piece of wooden board stuck to the rear left tyre. Removing the wooden board revealed a large nail which punctured the wheel.

There was some construction activity going on nearby and the mindless workers have carelessly thrown out the pieces of wooden boards with nails on the road.

I have removed the nail from the tubeless tyre with a pair of pliers and again plucked the hole with the same nail as the air started to leak out.

I have a spare tyre as well as a Repair kit to mend the tubeless tyre puncture. As the puncture is at the rear, it is very easy to repair it rather than spending time on changing the tyre. Repairing the tubeless tyre yourself is also very cheap, it costs just 1/10th of the price the workshop guys charge.

Please go through the instructable to see how you can easily repair a tubeless tyre puncture

Step 1: The Puncture Repair Kit

The tubeless tyre puncture repair kit has following tools and accessories

  • A Spiral Probe to clean and expand the punctured hole
  • A Split-Eye Insertion Tool to insert the Tyre Repair Strip
  • A small tube of Rubber Cement
  • A packet of Tyre Repair Strips

These are minimum tools. You also need a pair of pliers to pull out the nail and a knife to cut extra length of strip

I also carry a hand pump for filling air to the tyres. The vehicle is very small. So you can easily fill air with the hand pump.

Step 2: Prepare the Kit

  • Remove the nail and insert the Spiral probe in the puncture hole
  • Rotate the Spiral probe in each direction to clean and expand the hole
  • Take a Repair Strip from the pack and insert in the eye of the Split-eye Insertion tool. You can see picture of the split-eye of the tool above
  • Pull the Repair Strip through the eye so that both sides of the strip are equal in length

Step 3: Repair the Punctured Hole

  • Apply little amount of Rubber cement Solution over the Spiral probe and insert into the tyre to cover the hole
  • Now remove the Spiral Probe and immediately insert 2/3rd of the Repair Strip into the hole with the help of Split-Eye Insertion Tool
  • Twist the Insertion tools 360 degrees and pull out. The Repair Strip will plug the puncture hole and the tool will come out clean
  • If you have a knife, you can trim the excess length of Strip protruding out, but I have left it as it is as this will flattened in due course.

Step 4: Fill Air

  • As I told earlier, I have a hand pump with me for filling air to the tyres
  • Attach the pump and fill air. That's all you are done

It took just 15 minutes for me to repair the tyre puncture. Hope you all having vehicles with Tubeless tyres carry a Repair Kit, which will be very useful in an emergency.

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