Introduction: How to Repair a Poped Inflatable

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Imagine... A summer day in the beach ,with your friends ,you are playing with a beach ball,that one that are made of vinil and you blow into this to full it with air ,this balls are very fun ,when you are playing the ball touch on a stick and the ball open a hole ,the air goes out.

Or a ,inflatable mat ,you stand on it and it blows up the puncture.


Method 1:

  1. flexible plastics glue.

Method 2:

  1. Hot iron (like that that we use to pass the shirts and jeans)
  2. vegetable paper

Step 1: Method 1:

Step 1:clean the surface:

Clean the hole with water.

Step 2:putting the glue:

  1. Putt some glue over the hole.
  2. In my case ...wait 30 minuts.
  3. Putt more glue.
  4. Wait 24 Hours.

Step 2: Method 2:

Step 1:

  1. Put a strip of paper over a hood block.
  2. put the inflatable puncture over it.
  3. Put other strip of paper over all of this .
  4. Heat the iron on maximum .
  5. pass it over the inflatable aprox:10 seconds .
  6. let cold and blow air into this if scape air out of it ,try again

Step 3:

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