Introduction: How to Repair an Uneven Concrete Sidewalk

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With the right tools, repairing an uneven concrete sidewalk is a doable homeowner project.


Makita Diamond Cup Wheel

Makita 7" angle grinder

Makita 12-gal. Xtract Wet/Dry Vacuum

Makita dust collection attachment

Milwaukee Angle Grinder

Diablo 5" Diamond Wheel for Metal Cutting

Safety Gear

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Gather Tools and Protective Gear

This is the uneven sidewalk that needed repair.

It's important to be safe in doing this repair as a lot of fine concrete dust will be released into the air. Use a mask and eye protection as well as dust collection if available or at least work so the dust blows away from you.

Step 3: Cut and Grind Away the Raised Edge

Our first step was to cut away some of the raised portions of the sidewalk with an angle grinder fitted with a Diablo 5" Diamond Wheel for Metal Cutting.

Next, we used a Makita Diamond Cup Wheel on a 7" angle grinder which we connected to a wet/dry vac. We continued to grind the area until we were sure it was no longer a tripping hazard.

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