Introduction: How to Repair and Clean Traffic Cones?

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Today, I am going to show you how to repair traffic cones easily.Traffic cones are very necessary traffical objects which can be seen at night with light and uses for managing traffic flow by traffic polices. I faced this problem when I saw in Turkey's roads, our traffic cones are very dirty and unable to use but still using. I asked a question and got an answer.

This is true that any traffic cone in traffic need to maintain with cleaning and repairing.

Note: This instructable is very helpful for anyone in traffic!

The need list:

1. Damaged traffic cones

2. Reflective bandages

3. Utility knife

4. Cleaning sponge

Step 1: Remove Old Reflective Bandages With Utility Knife

NOTE: Please be sure when you are not using utility knife, it is closed safely without shape. Keep away from children in case.

On this step, remove reflective bandages with utility knife and keep it in your mind or use pencil to mark where the bandage begins to end. Because, we need to know where was the original lines.

Step 2: Cut Rectangle Pieces From Reflective Roll

Reflective roll should be with sticky layer on its one side, the other side should be well reflectice when lights are coming to this side. The price can be change according to reflective roll's reflective parameter. High reflective is expensive. So, find economical balance with your need.

Step 3: Clean Surface of Cones With Cleaning Sponge

With water and cleaning solutions, use cleaning sponge's green side to fight stubborn stains. You can use Cif cream, Domestos e.t.c. to clean.

Step 4: Put Rectangle Pieces Onto Traffic Cone

Put the pieces onto the cleaned surfaces of the traffic cones. While I was doing this, I needed to force the surface inside to attach the sticker correctly on to the straight side. Even though the surface is cone shaped, when I forced the material inside and under, thanks to the surface's flexible material (not all, just some of them are soft), it performed as if the area was flat. I put the sticker on smoothly with ease:

You can easily see when you are near the cones, I had unwanted and unneccessary corners when we put the stickers on. I used a utility knife to modify all corners in order to look good.

I know that these methods are not original. According to the traffic safety, I must clean and repair these old traffic cones.

Step 5: In Conclusion

Check the pictures, now, you have repaired traffic cones to take a floor in the world's highways and roads.


That's all !

Step 6: BONUS: Reading This Instructable

NOTE: This instructable's step is aimed for visually impaired people to hear the sentences to learn what's going on here. Watch the video, it explains all steps.