Introduction: How to Repair the Heel of Athletic Shoes

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The heel of my athletic shoes wear out before the rest of the shoe. This instructable is all about how to glue in some cloth and secure it with a few stitches.

Step 1: Glue in Cloth

Glue in a bit of cloth over the worn out part of the heel. Remove the insert first. Then use a glue that is flexible to fasten the cloth into the heel. I used glue that was designed for gluing soles together. The choice of cloth is important. It must be durable but not too thin or too thick. I used old denim from a worn out pair of jeans.

Step 2: Stitch in Top Edge

I think the top edge is the most likely place to fail, so I stitched that in. I used a curved needle, but it's not necessary. Use a thin sharp needle and some strong thread.

Step 3: Finish

Put the insert back in, trim ends of thread, and take a step back to admire your work.