How to Repeat Vimeo Videos?



Introduction: How to Repeat Vimeo Videos?

Follow this simple tutorial to repeat vimeo videos.

Step 1: Change the Name, Just That.

If you are watching a video on vimeo, for example, a music video you like and you want to repeat it just do the following:

Change the 'vimeo' part with 'videore' in the adress bar, it will redirect you to this page that repeats videos automatically for you.


It's really that simple and free :)

Step 2: Extra Features

videore goes an extra step and offers you this options too for a better repeating experience:
-Limit video duration (A-B)

-Limit repetitions

-Wait between repetitions

-Light control

videore also supports repeating videos from dailymotion, facebook and youtube. Just change the name of the site with videore and done.

It can also repeat any .mp4, .ogv and .webm files online!

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