Introduction: How to Replace Apple IIGS Battery EASY WAY NO SOLDER

For instructions and detail, see below.

Step 1: How to Replace the Apple IIGS Battery EASY WAY (ROM 1, and 0?)

Ok. So.

I am very new to old computers. I recently got this cool Apple IIGS. I found out the control panel settings never saved when I turned it off. The date was stuck at 1/1/04.

I have researched how to replace the battery. I did not want to solder (You know, beginner solderer thats a beginner vintage computer person = destruction) :).

I bought two batteries off eBay. ANY 1/2 AA 3.6 V battery will work as far as I have read. Just make sure the measurements on it are close to the original. I bought two for $5 on eBay. Look around!

Mine did not come with leads, and it does not matter if they do have them or not.

STEP 1: (Photo 1)

Gather your new battery.

STEP 2: (Photo 2)

Open up the IIGS cover. Im assuming you know how to do this. Oh, and leave the power cord PLUGGED IN while you take off the cover. Just turn off the computer. Touch the power box (Shiny, silver colored) to discharge any static electricity. Remove the power box by pushing the tab (Front, bottom), and unplug the cord from the board. Lift it out.

STEP 3: (Photo 3)

Cut the old leads/wire as close as you can to the battery. Take out the battery.

Now, either

A. Somehow secure the battery to the wire.

B. Make a DIY battery holder like mine (Probably temporary though)

C. Get a battery holder (Im going to eventually)

D. If your battery has leads, twist them onto the old leads.


Thats it! I do wish I would have got a battery holder, but I didn't know I would need one. DIY battery holder! Some cardboard, tape, and aluminum foil. I turned on the computer, set the date and time, and shut it off. I turned it back on, and the date stayed the same!

Let me know how it works out for you! I can give you the link for the batteries if you'd like.

Step 2: