Introduction: How to Replace Old Computer Batteries

Tried of replacing your batteries every 2 years for you laptop?
Now you can change your batteries in your laptop so you will not have to spend $100 on a new battery

Step 1: Start

Disconnect the battery from your laptop. There will be 2 tabs on each side of the battery, just slide them to the side and pull it out.

Step 2: Take Apart

Pry the battery apart. You may also need some patience and a sharp flathead screwdriver or a butter/putty knife.

Step 3: Tracing Wires

You will see 6-8 cells connected to a circuit board. That is the battery controller. Look near the connector to find the board, and trace the wires. Carefully examine every cells by a multimeter to ensure the cells are fully discharged.

Make a note of where the wires connect to. This is important because if you forget to place the wires in the correct place the battery may destroy your computer.

Step 4: Electrical

Use a soldering iron/electric welding tool to separate cells from the wires. Then take them out of the case

Then solder/weld the new cells together. Remember to refer back to the note you made in Step 3.

Put the new cells into the case. Solder/weld back the wires and cells.

In the end put both rows of cells back together. Let it rest for about 48 hours.

Step 5: Finished

Now you are DONE!! Insert your battery and start charging. Turn it on, and you're ready to turn on your computer!!!