Introduction: How to Replace Sony F305 Flex Cable - and Where to Source New Screws

Recently I had to replace the flex cable on my (barely) year old F305. I had the phone in a shop for 4 months. after 4 months the guy just gave up, but when he gave me my stuff back i had 3 screws missing and no battery. So i decided i would fix it myself.

Disclaimer: yea I don't take any responsibility if anything stuffs up because of this instructable.

Step 1: What You Need

This is what you'll need to do this:
- F305
- A new Flex Cable          get one here their really quick delivery (5 days from England to Australia!!!)
- Screw driver (I don't know what size)
- Guitar pick or something similar

If you lost screws
- Watch
- pliers
- file

Step 2: Starting

To start with Pull out the battery, sim and memory card.
Remove these screws

Now here's the fiddly part, hold the top and bottom parts of the phone and slightly slide it up and pull gently to the side (i think), or just jiggle it till it comes apart.

Be careful not to drop any part because it may damage something.

Remove the yellow tape from the bad ribbon cable and with a guitar pick pop up the brown tab.

now you should have 2 separate parts top (with the screen) bottom (without)

Step 3: Middle

pull up the tape, (don't pull off)

pop the brown tab

slide guitar pick under the metal part and slide out ribbon
(note you may have to bend the metal part up a bit with pick)

slide pick under the metal part above the brown tab not opposite it

with the new ribbon, slide it under metal part with the wires facing up (see picture 5)

click the new ribbon back in place and place tape back over

Step 4:

now all you gotta do is bend it (DON'T FOLD) round so it fits in the other clip on the bottom and then put it back together. see pictures

Step 5: Additional: Screws

take them out of the watch file 'em down and wack 'em in the phone (not literally)