How to Replace Tailgate Cables on a 1993-2011 Ford Ranger




Introduction: How to Replace Tailgate Cables on a 1993-2011 Ford Ranger

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1A Auto shows you how to repair, fix, change or replace broken, snapped, rusted, frayed or cut tailgate cables / straps on 1993-2011 Ford Ranger models. The actual vehicle shown is a 2004 Ford Ranger. You will first learn how to remove your existing tailgate cables, and then how to install replacements.

To watch this repair being done, please watch the full video below:

Video Source:

Tools Needed for this Repair:

    T45 Torx Bit and Ratchet

Step 1: Make Sure That the Tailgate Is Supported

When doing this repair make sure your tailgate is supported so that when the cable is removed the tailgate doesn't drop down and get dented by the bumper.

Step 2: Remove the Torx Bolt Holding the Cable to the Tailgate

Using a T45 Torx bit and ratchet, remove the Torx bolt holding the cable to the tailgate. This is easier with some slack in the cable. You may want to support the tailgate so that there is some slack in the cable or just lift up on the tailgate slightly with your thigh.

Step 3: Pull Tab on the Upper End of the Cable Off of Stud on the Vehicle to Remove Old Cable

At the upper end of the cable there is a tab you must pull out on as you slide the cable up and off of its stud. That is how you remove the tailgate cable.

Step 4: Put Tab on the Upper End of Repaired or New Cable Over the Stud on the Vehicle

To install the new cable, or re-install the old one if you have repaired or fixed it, fit the large hole in the top of the cable over the stud on the vehicle and slide the cable down. The tab should click into place so that the stud is now held in the smaller opening on the end of the cable.

Step 5: Place the T45 Bolt Into the New Cable, Start It Into the Tailgate, and Secure It With the T45 Torx Bit and Ratchet to Install

Place the T45 bolt into the new cable making sure that the shoulder of the bolt goes all the way through the cable opening. Start the bolt into the tailgate. Secure the bolt with the T45 Torx bit and ratchet. Again when securing the Torx bolt it is easier if there is some slack in the cable.

That is how to change a tailgate cable that needs to be repaired on 1993-2011 Ford Ranger models.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I have a Mazda B2500 that is the same thing as a Ford Ranger. The tailgate when close latches on one side but not the other. Do you know how to fix it?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi blkhawk. You would have to take a look inside, but it sounds like possibly a stuck/stretched linkage between the handle and latches or a frozen/rusted latch. Hope that helps.