Introduction: How to Replace Wiper Blade Refills

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Video tutorial on how to replace the windshield wiper refills on your vehicle. In some situations vehicles may come with a specific type of wiper blade which can be somewhat expensive to replace, so instead you can replace the rubber wiper inserts. These refills can be purchases at a variety of places such as the dealer, auto parts supplier, online, etc. Some refills may come with new metal reinforcing, others will require you to reuse your existing reinforcing. It's good not to prolong the replacement when having a failing windshield wiper blade as you can risk scratching the glass.

Tools/Supplies Needed:

  • pliers
  • razor knife, side cutters, heavy scissors, etc

Step 1:

First start by removing the windshield wiper from the wiper warm assembly. Removal process of wiper blade may vary between manufacturers. Once remove, make not of which side the metal reinforcing is clipped into as we will want to clip in the refill on the side location. Using pliers, squish the metal reinforcing inward, then pull the refill out, and remove the reinforcing from the rubber refill.

Step 2:

Here is the old reinforcing, where you can see the spikes that bite into the rubber refill to prevent it from sliding out, along with the clips that lock it into place. On the opposite side is the break points where you

Step 3:

Insert the reinforcing into the new rubber refill. If you have new reinforcing, size it according to the original reinforcing. Place the pliers on one of the break lines of the new reinforcing, then bend it and it will break off cleanly. Insert the opposite end of the rubber insert, not the clipped in side into the wiper framework. Once down to the clipped in portion, squish the rubber using pliers and ensure it is clipped in properly.

Step 4:

If the rubber refill insert is too long, flex the wiper to ensure the metal reinforcement will always be hidden and just it to length accordingly using a razor knife, side cutters, or any other form of heavy duty cutters. Reinstall wiper blade assembly back onto vehicle.

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