How to Replace Your Wheel Studs




Introduction: How to Replace Your Wheel Studs

Welcome back to the garage!

Follow along as I walk you through changing out wheel studs on your vehicles hubs!

As always, you'll need a few things:

-Air or Electric Impact Wrench

- Impact Socket of Appropriate size

- Hammer

- Grade 8 Washers

- Replacement Studs

- Replacement Lug Nuts

- Jack

- Jack Stands

- Wheel Chocks

- Torque Wrench

Step 1: Remove Old Wheel Lugs

To start, lift your vehicle off the ground and safely support it on Jack Stands. Make sure you only lift the wheel you are working on and have the other wheels chocked to prevent the vehicle from rolling and potentially crushing you.

Once supported and off the ground, start by removing the wheel lugs. Using your impact wrench with impact socket, remove all the lugs until the wheel is free. Once free set the wheel and old lugs aside.

Step 2: Remove Old Studs

This step can be fun, or sometimes frustrating. IN this step you will use your hammer to beat the old studs out of the hub. Once free they will pull out of the back. Once removed set these aside with the old lugs.

Step 3: Insert New Studs

Carrying on, you'll need to insert your new studs into your hub. Once they are in, place a few grade 8 washers on the studs, then hand tighten the lugs down on the washers. Once you have these hand tight, use your impact to pull the stud into the seat on the back of the hub by tightening the stud down. Once seated you may remove the lug and the washers and move on to the remaining lugs.

Step 4: Re-install Your Wheel

Almost done! All that is left is to re-install your wheel. Use your socket to hand tighten the lugs all around the wheel. Once the lugs are hand tight lower vehicle onto the ground. Once on the ground, finish tightening lugs with your torque wrench to the manufacturer specified torque setting.

Congratulations! You've finished!

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    1 year ago

    I'm having a hard time getting the wheel studs to seat in the hub I'm doing everything I should be doing but no luck. Can someone please help me out with this


    Reply 1 year ago

    Hey, I was just wondering if you ever got it out. I'm about to embark on a four-wheel trailer that has been sitting in my fiance's backyard for the last 7 years collecting rust and who knows what else. In preparation for the project (new tires and possibly studs) I came across your post and was curious to find out if you were successful in removing that stud.


    Question 2 years ago on Introduction

    I can not remove the stud at all....i have completely off trailer used heat hammer every tool and it is not budging....even used drill to make a hole....what else can i do