Introduction: How to Replace a Bicycle Tube

Whether you are upgrading from your stock tubes, or replacing a busted tube this is the how to for you.

Step 1: Remove the Wheel From the Bicycle

It may be helpful to take a picture of the placement of the nuts and bolts prior to removing to ensure proper replacement of parts.

Step 2: Deflate All of the Air From the Tube

Most of the time this can be accomplished by using a flathead screwdriver (depending on the valve on your tube).

Step 3: Use the Tire Levers to Remove the Tire From the Spoke.

Insert one tire lever and pull edge of tire over the lip of the spoke, move over five to six inches and repeat with the second tire lever.

Step 4: Remove the Tube From the Spoke

Once your are done with the tire levers you should be able to easily pull the tube out of the tire, and off of the spoke.

Step 5: Cut the Old Tube in Half and Lay It Inside the Tire

Doing this action creates an extra layer of protection from punctures for the new tube.

Step 6: Take Electrical Tape and Wrap the Inside of the Spoke

This helps protect the tube from being pierced by the spokes while they flex during riding.

Step 7: Place the New Tube Into the Spoke and Tire

Don't forget to start and place the air valve of the tube through its predrilled hole.

Step 8: Put the Tire Back Onto the Spoke Using the Tire Levers

This step is the same as step three, just in reverse.

Step 9: Fill the New Tube Up With the Appropriate Amount of Air

Make sure to check the manufacturer's requirements for how much pressure the tube needs.

Step 10: Attach Your Tire Back Onto the Bicycle

Now go and enjoy your new and improved bicycle!

Step 11:

Move all good boys out of your work area, as they will surely try to help and photo bomb every picture.