Introduction: How to Replace a Cpu of a Dell 1510

For supplies you are going to need an esd strap to protect yourself and also a good screwdriver that wont fail you

Step 1: Step 1: Take Out Battery

Taking out the battery protects you because if it has any charge the battery will have it and taking it out will prevent you from getting shocked or hurt

Step 2: Step 2: Getting Rid Out Outer Screws

In this step we remove the outer screws so we can open up the back of the pc and also all the back parts of the pc

Step 3: Step 3: We Remove the Backplate and Start Getting to the Motherboard by Removing the Keyboard

you can remove the top part of the computer by inserting the screwdriver into the little divet leading into the powerbutton and volume area

Step 4: Step 4: Once You Get That Off You Can Shimmy the Keyboard by Slowly Shaking and Sliding It Backwards to Get It Out

Step 5: Step 5 Unhooking Monitor

Unplug the monitor cord leading to the motherboard by gently pulling the felt covered cord, then remove the black and white gold cords by gently pulling them out, and also unscrewing the corner screw of the monitor

Step 6: Step 6: Unscrewing the Monitor Completely

Unscrew the screws connecting the monitor to the laptop, and also the small screw next to where the monitor gets its power

Step 7: Step: 7 Take the Monitor and Top of Keyboard Off

Step 8: Step 8: Taking the Cooler Off the CPU

Unscrew the cooler to the pc by unscrewing each side a little at a time this may take a while

Step 9: Step 9: Disengaging the Lock

Disengage the lock by taking a flathead and turning it gently so that it is facing the opposite direction than it started.

Step 10: Step 10: Undo What You Did

I put a list of images that I did following putting it back together