Introduction: How to Replace a Droopy Sun Visor on a Car

People take for granted being able to move their sun visor while driving. Pulling it down to block the sun and stowing it back up when not needed. With time, the mechanism that holds the visor up, starts to break down, causing the sun visor to fall with every bump the car hits. This is a very annoying and possibly dangerous distraction to the driver.


- a new sun visor

- screwdriver

- screws (from previous visor)

Step 1: Color Matching

Take your car to its appropriate dealership and have them run the car's VIN number in order to get the correct interior color. Once you find the correct color, purchase the appropriate sun visor (driver or passenger side) from the dealership.

Step 2: Remove the Existing Sun Visor

Confirm that the new sun visor is indeed the correct interior color. Find the correct screwdriver for the screws. Unscrew the screws carefully as to not lose them in the headliner. Once the old visor is off, clean the surrounding area to remove any dust or debris.

Step 3: Put the New Sun Visor On

Using the old screws, place the new sun visor in place, making sure to line up the holes, and secure with the screws insuring that the screws go into the holes.

Step 4: Test the Visor

Once screwed into place, insure that the visor stays up and does not fall. Go on a short drive, preferably on a bumpy road to make sure the visor does not fall with motion.

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