Introduction: How to Replace an Air Filter in a 2012 GMC Sierra

This is a simple and easy way to save money and work on your vehicle.

Step 1: Hood Release

  • Locate hood release
  • Located by the left shin of the driver
  • Pull release
  • Go to the front of the truck and pull hood release under the hood

Step 2: Finding and Opening Air Filter Compartment

  • Open hood and look for a square case located on the left front side under the hood
  • Once you have found it, it is held down by 4 screws around the outside edge, take all the screws out

Step 3: Taking Out Air Filter

  • Once you have the compartment open you will see the air filter
  • Take it out but remember the way it came out because the new one goes in the same way

Step 4: Getting a New Air Filter

  • Go to a local parts supplier like Car Quest, or NAPA (depending on where you live)
  • Ask for an air filter for your specific car

Step 5: Installing New/ Cleaning Air Filter

  • If the air filter only has dust on the outside of the fins and you can see through it when you put it up to the light it can be cleaned easily
  • The most effective way to clean the air filter is to use a air hose with the nozzle fitting

  • Take new air filter and replace it the same way the old one came out, same goes for the cleaned old one

  • Close the compartment and fasten the four screws

Step 6: Conclusion

This is an quick and easy way to save money on your vehicle. Hope it helped