Introduction: How to Replace the CPU in the Toshiba Satellite C55-A5300

How to replace the CPU in the Toshiba Satellite C55-A5300

Step 1: Tools

I used an ESD strap and a size 1.5 Philips head screw driver.

Step 2: Look at the Bottom of the Laptop

Flip it over.

Step 3: Remove the Battery

You can remove the battery by pulling the two tabs away from the center of the computer and lifting the battery.

Step 4: Remove the Panel Covering the Hard Disk Drive

There is only one screw to remove this panel thankfully.

Step 5: Remove the Back Panel

To remove the back panel, you must remove all the screws shown in the picture above. Then you must remove the Hard Disk Drive by lifting it and pulling it diagonally out of the port.

Step 6: Remove the CPU Fan

Unscrew the four screws shown in the picture and the cover will easily come off.

Step 7: Remove the Black Tape (if It's There)

Simply pull.

Step 8: Finally, Replacing the CPU

To replace the CPU, remove the glue holding it down, lift it up, and gently put down the replacement CPU in it's place. Make sure to line up the golden arrows.