Introduction: How to Replace the Trackpad and Battery in a Macbook Pro.

Recently I replaced the trackpad in a Macbook Pro.  The pointer was jumping all over the screen and randomly selecting desktop items and opening them.  After searching online for a while and trying a few things (like turning the computer on it's side and clicking) I decided it was probably a trackpad issue.  I bought a trackpad off eBay for $35.  Googling the repair, I found that the only tools you need are a tri-wing screwdriver and a small philips head screwdriver.  Both of which I already had.  If you don't have a tri-wing, they're super cheap on eBay.

So with the screwdrivers and trackpad ready, I opened up the macbook and replaced the trackpad.  This fixed the problem and it's been working great for a month or two now.  While I didn't actually replace the battery (it didn't need it), you have to physically remove the battery to get to the trackpad- the video also shows this process.  Anyway I recorded it, edited it, and narrated it, and decided to share it.  Everything you need to know is in the video. 

I tried to make the narration entertaining.  Thanks for looking!