Introduction: How to Replace the Transmission Cable Bushing on 2007-2010 Chrysler Sebring/Avenger

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This repair is much cheaper that having your car towed to a repair shop and only takes 30 minutes to install!

If your 2007-2010 Chrysler Sebring/Avenger will not shift out of park, open the hood and check the transmission cable. Remove the air filter housing and look for the transmission cable. Figure 1. If it is no longer attached to the transmission linkage, the transmission will not shift out of park. Check for a missing bushing.

These bushings serve the main purpose of connecting the shift cable end to the transmission linkage. However, they can break and cause the cable to disconnect from the shift lever. Signs of a cracked or worn bushing include, the inability to shift gears, the shift indicator not matching the selected gear, and the inability to put the car in park and pull out the key. Fortunately, replacing a broken bushing is an easy task for DIY mechanics.

The cable end can be removed and a new bushing can be installed.

Step 1: The New Bushing

Dorman Shift Linkage Bushing Kit.

Dorman makes a shift linkage bushing repair kit, part number 14055. Figure 2. Most auto parts stores carry this brand. Remove the transmission cable end from the transmission cable, be sure to mark it's location. The kit comes with two parts, use the clear bushing for this repair. The bushing has to be modified to work on your 2007-2010 Chrysler Sebring/Avenger. Take a small pair of wire cutters and cut a small V notch at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock. Figure 3.

Step 2: Installation

Insert the notched end of the bushing into the transmission cable end. Use a vise to insure you are applying even pressure. Proper orientation is required! The notched end of the bushing slips on to the transmission shaft. Figure 4. Install the transmission cable end on the transmission cable. Slip the transmission cable end on the transmission shaft. Just make sure it's 100% snug on your shifter cable before testing. You do not have to wait for the online part to arrive. This modified part will work and save you a lot of time.