Introduction: How to Reset Oil Life: Mitsubishi Lancer 2007-2015

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This video will show you step by step instructions on how to reset your oil life indicator on a Mitsubishi Lancer 2007-2015.

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Step 1:

The “---” display can be reset while the ignition switch is "OFF". When the display is reset, the time until the next periodic inspection is displayed and "PERIODIC INSPECTION" is no longer displayed when the ignition is switched from "OFF" to "ON".

Step 2:

1. Lightly press the INFO button until the screen switches to the service reminder display screen.

Step 3:

2. Press and hold the INFO button for about 2 seconds or until the wrench icon flashes.

Step 4:

3. Lightly press the INFO button to change the display from “---” to "CLEAR". After this, the time until the next periodic inspection will be displayed.

Step 5:

4. DONE!!! :D