How to Reuse Zip Ties




Introduction: How to Reuse Zip Ties

Zip Ties are awesome. You can do all kinds of stuff with them, from repairing things to securing things to even making arts and crafts with them. But when we're done with them, we usually just cut them and throw them out. But we don't have to anymore with this simple hack allowing you to reuse them without damaging them so that you can use them again!

Step 1: Preparation

All you will need is a tiny flat head screwdriver. You may also wish to use a magnifying glass.

Step 2: Pushing Back the Tab

If you look closely at your Zip Tie, you'll see a little tab, circled in the picture. This tab is what stops you from loosening the Zip Tie. Use your screwdriver to push and hold it in the direction of the arrow in the picture. By pulling it away it will not be able to lock the Zip tie in place. Make sure not to do it to hard or it might break. While doing this, pull the end of the twist tie out.

Step 3: And You're Done!

You should now have a undone zip tie that you can reuse so that it won't go to waste!

Above is a video detailing the entire process.

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