Introduction: How to Reuse a Christmas Jewelry Box

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Okay, so this may be a cheesy little craft, but I am very happy with it and use it more than I thought I would have. It's actually a dual-purpose little craft now.

My problem: I listen to Pandora, and very often a song comes on that I really like. So, when I have Pandora on, I usually keep up the page so I can see the new songs as they come in. Well, when I listen to Pandora on my iPhone (because the iPad won't let me shuffle my stations properly AND if I have Pandora on my laptop while I work...well, let's just say things slllloooowwwww down), I wanted to have my iPhone propped up, so I could see the songs as they came on like usual.

My solution: I had a Christmas jewelry box here and decided to use the top as the back of my stand, using scotch tape as my binder. Then, so the iPhone wouldn't slide off, I grabbed a little sticky, rolled it up, and taped it in place on one side. What's even better is that the jewelry box is, well, a box, so I can add my little paper clips and other little things that kind of just sit around my desk.

So, with a box, some tape and a sticky, my iPhone is good to go. So, like I said...cheesy perhaps, but very effective and useful.

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