Introduction: How to Revamp an Old Jewelry Box

Have you ever come across a precious find while rummaging through the random objects at a flea market or an aisle of a thrift store? Something like an old jewelry box? Maybe it’s a little worn out, but the price is too good to pass? Well today you’re going to learn how to revamp an old jewelry box!


· Mod Podge

· Polycrylic Protective Finish

· Craft Foam

· Velvet fabric

· Sanding Paper

· Sanding Block

· Chalk Paint

· Ultra-Thin Cardboard

· Paint Brushes

· Screwdriver

· Scissors

· Knife

Step 1: Sanding Off Your Jewelry Box

Before painting your Jewelry Box, with the use of sanding paper, you want to sand off your jewelry box until you get a nice smooth finish. Many old, used jewelry boxes may come with chips and scrapes and that’s where sanding comes in. Sanding is great for removing those imperfections and creating that nice smooth finish.

Step 2: Removing Old Velvet Liners

Many Jewelry boxes are lined with velvet that gets old and grimy. You can easily remove this velvet lining with your hands. Next, you want to scrape of any remaining fabric, foam, or glue residue using a knife. We will be replacing this lining later.

Step 3: Adding Color

Before rushing for your acrylic paint, first you want to want to clean and dust off your jewelry and check whether your choice of paint requires priming. Wood primer helps fill in any pores to allow for a more even layer of paint. After applying your primer, go ahead and paint your jewelry box with your color or colors of preference and allow an hour to dry or as indicated by your choice of paint before adding another layer of paint.

Tip: Before painting, you may also want to unscrew and remove your jewelry box’s knobs and handles. If you are unable to remove these, you may go ahead and paint over them. You may also want to unscrew and remove any glass or use tape to prevent from getting any paint on it.

Step 4: Replacing the Velvet Liners

First, measure and cut your cardboard to fit each drawer and cabinet. Next, you want to measure and cut your fabric to fit each piece of cardboard. You then want to glue your fabric onto your cardboard using your Mod Podge. Now you should be able to glue these fabric covered pieces of cardboard into your jewelry box.

Step 5: Creating a Storage Place for Your Rings

For this step, you can either reuse the foam already in your jewelry box if still intact or you can purchase your own new craft foam. You also want to measure and cut your craft foam to fit the drawer lengthwise and making it about 1 ½ in widthwise. Next, you want to grab your fabric felt again, measuring, and cutting it to fit over the craft foam. You then want to fold your craft foam over lengthwise and glue together. You want to make enough of these folded craft foams to fill up the whole drawer. This will give you a place to store all your precious rings!

Step 6: Distressing to Your Liking

After the paint has dried, you can go ahead and grab your sandpaper to sand the edges of your jewelry box and your sanding block to use for larger areas. Sand lightly and dispersedly for a distressed look.

Step 7: Adding Your Topcoat

Once you have achieved the desired look, you want to add a clear matte topcoat to protect your masterpiece. You want to add only a thin layer and paint in the direction of the wood grain. Wait at least 2 hours before adding a second coat and once finished allow 24 hours before using your jewelry box. Now you want to screw all your hardware back on and insert all the drawers back in. Finally, you want to step back and admire your finished product.

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