Introduction: How to Revive a Battery

In this instructable we I will show you how to revive an old AA battery with simple steps

If you want watch the above video else follow these steps.

Step 1: Dissassemble the Battery

First remove the brand cover which is usually made of metal.Then there will be a plastic covering.You will have to remove that with the help of a blade.

Next we will remove the graphite rod in the cell.You will have to be careful as it may break.I usually hold it with a plier and slowly rotate it until it becomes free.

Step 2: Clean the Stuff Inside

Remove the Black stuff inside the cell.

You may neglect this step.

Step 3: Fill It With Electrolyte and Put It Back Togather

We are gonna use salt water as electrolyte although you can try anything.

Make a salt solution and pour in into the cell.

If you didn't remove the stuff inside make sure to soak it in salt water.

Put the cell back togather and you are done.

Now try using it in something.

Step 4: Test It ! Watch Video for More Details

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