Introduction: How to Ride a Snowmobile

Lane here, there are so many fun things that you can do in the snow. One thing to do in the snow is ride snowmobile, Snowmobiles have been around since the early 1800s, because of corona virus there has been a price increase in snowmobiles because of boredom, this has made people want to pick up a new hobby.

I have been riding snowmobile since I was 5 years old, we had an old 1989 Polaris that was small. I have gained much knowledge over the years about working and riding them by going on big trips to Wyoming and Colorado. I like to consider snowmobiling as one of my hobby because I love doing it. To me it is a nice vacation and get away where I can go into the mountains and ride all I want. I also like teaching younger people how to work and ride these

Step 1: Background Info

Snowmobiles have been very popular through out each generation and have changed juristically through those years. The first snowmobile was made in the 1800s and they used various track designs combined with skis and some form of engine power, their inventors called them snow sleds, motorized toboggans or sleighs. Snowmobiles are very popular in places like Alaska, Montana and Wyoming because they are the places that have more snow and people use them to get around. In snow the lighter the snowmobile the better, then it will stay above the snow. Old snowmobiles could weigh up to 2000 pounds when they first came out, now you can buy a brand new snowmobile that weights at the most 500 pounds, and that is a big difference!

Step 2: Gear and Supplies for the Day

The first thing you are going to want to do is get all your gear out, this should include your helmet, gloves, coat, snow pants, boats, and face mask. Some people also where a backpack to store food, water, and extra warm cloths. Have the proper snowmobile gear, if you buy some cheap winter cloths it will get all wet and you will come very cold. A big snowmobile brand that you can get these on is Klim, 509 or FXR. With these warm snowmobile brand cloths you should be set for the day.

Step 3: Fill the Snowmobile Up With Oil

In the next step you are going to want to fill up your oil before starting the snowmobile. By doing this you will open the side panel on the left-handed side of the snowmobile. To open this, you will see to black tabs and a little pull rope that u spin and they come off. you will then see an oil fill tank when you open the cover, make sure you do not fill the snowmobile up over the max line. Once you have it filled simply put the cap on and close the side cover.

Step 4: Checking and Setting the Track

Next you are going to want to check over your track, First you are going to go to the back of your snowmobile and look at your track press down on it and if it has a lot of slack on it you will have to tighten it, to tighten there are 2 bolts on the back of the track. simply loosen and slide the track tight then tighten the bolts. If the track tension is to lose it will cause damage to your track and a new track can cost up to 900 dollars.

Step 5: Check Carbides

Next you are going to want to check your carbides, the carbides are located under your front skis. There are 4 bolts that hold them on if you are trying to take them off and they are on top of the ski. To check this, look under the ski. If the ski sits 2 inch off the ground it is good. If the ski is on the ground your carbides are not good and need to be replaced. If the carbides are worn out it will cause damage to the ski and will be very hard to turn the snowmobile.

Step 6: Checking the Belt

The belt is located right under the oil tank. When checking the belt, you want to look for the little grooves in it, if there is a groove or a chunk of the belt missing you are going to want to change it. Failing to change the belt will lead to vibration when riding and will lack on horsepower and performance. Over time if the snowmobile keeps getting rode with a bad belt it will damaged the motor and will wreck it.

Step 7: Starting and Riding

Starting a snowmobile is very easy there is a kill switch that is red, all you do is click that up. Then there is a key, move the key to the RUN position. after that there will be a black handle on the right side of the snowmobile, pull the rope until it starts.

Now we will be riding the snowmobile, riding a snowmobile is very easy the brake is on the left the gas pedal is on the right. When riding keep your balance, this can be hard at first, the faster you go and turn the more tippy it is going to be so you are going to want to lean one way or another to keep the balance on the snowmobile. Going up hills is very tricky if you do not get enough momentum forward you will not make it up and will get stuck in the snow. All in all, it is very easy riding it just takes some time to get comfortable with it and figuring out how they operate.

Step 8: Conclusion

Thanks for following me through the steps on riding. Although riding is very easy there are some steps that I went through to help you have a better understanding of the pre ride check overs to do before actually riding. I hope after following my steps you to will become very interested in riding snowmobile just like I am

Step 9: Thank You