Introduction: How to Rock an Uber Cool Homeschool Space

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Here is how to create THE most awesome homeschool space -->

Step 1: Create a Chalkboard Table

Forget boring desks and chairs! If you have old coffee tables lying around waiting to be thrown away, now's the time to repurpose it. First, clean the surface thoroughly so that it's free from dust and grime. Purchase spray paint chalkboard paint and prime it, then repeat the steps once more. Let it dry for two days, and voila, you have a brand new chalkboard table for your homeschool space, ready to be scribbled upon and cherished again.

Step 2: Organize Your Stationery Storage

It's a fact that kids lose their pencils faster than you could ever lose your sanity! :) To firmly keep both from getting lost, here's a nice hack for you to organize your pens, pencils, markers and other stationery. Get a cheap wine rack and instead of placing bottles in them, slot in plastic glasses so that your writing instruments may have a place to call home!

Step 3: Repurpose a Cozy Learning Space

Each child has their very own learning style and preference. The key here is to allow them to develop their own learning choices while still being near enough to guide them. Having a cozy learning nook in your homeschool space would help immensely, and one can easily be done if you have a used baby cot (if you don't, be sure to ask around and see if your friends are willing to give an old one away).
First, remove one side of the cot and adjust the base so that it suits your kids' height. Find some boards and strengthen the desk so that it may sustain a child's (or two) weight. Use hooks and suctions to hang small shelves and storage solutions so that stationery and other peripherals are easily within reach.

Step 4: Turn a Spice Rack Into a Lightweight Bookshelf!

These $4 IKEA spice racks are pretty handy not only in the kitchen but also in your soon-to-be homeschooling space. Sturdy and versatile, these racks will fit just about any place in your home, be it in a cozy nook or behind a door.
After cleaning the rack, you may opt to spruce it up with paint or stenciling. You can then mount it against the wall or behind a door, then place some books in it, Be sure to cycle through the books and replace them with fresh ones every week or so.