How to Root HP 7 Plus and Install TWRP Custom Recovery




Introduction: How to Root HP 7 Plus and Install TWRP Custom Recovery

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This tablet is pretty good Android tablet considering the price, and it took me some time to figure out how to root it properly.

HP 7 Plus 1301 has serious problem with root, in jellybean after a successful root every time you turn of the tablet and on again the tablet will be reset to factory defaults it's because of the oem locked bootloader which doesn't provide an interface than you can unlock it or it's locked with hp's secure code or something like that, the same problem exists on kitkat but with different result, instead of resting to factory dafaults, it will stuck at the boot loader because the kernal is not signed (modified), if you have tried "fastboot oem unlock" using adb well nothing will happen or you will stuck at "waiting for the device" forever.

After some researching i've discovered that the the lock state is defined in a hidden partition called sysconfig.fex, it's just an text file with renamed extension which contains tablet's configuration, after a lot of work and compiling necessary tools i've made a full working rootable firmware.

Files needed:

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