Introduction: How to Rotate the Mounting Hole for Our Linear Actuator (PA-13 Model)

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Sometimes you may want to mount the linear actuator in a certain direction. Our standard mounting hole may not able to meet your requirements in this case. However, you can modify the mounting hole on your own!

Please follow the steps below to rotate the mounting hole on the motor end of our PA-13 linear actuator. The PA-13 High Force Industrial linear actuator is the strongest in our line of actuators products. It can push and pull up to 3000lbs and hold up to 3500lbs. With its high environmental protection rating the PA-13 actuator can withstand dust, water and harsh environments making it one of our versatile actuators popularly used in industries such as manufacturing, agriculture and industrial applications.


Step 1:

Remove the large nut that holds the mounting component as well as the large screw.

Step 2:

Now, loosen all 6 screws located at the back of the mounting plate and then remove the back mounting plate.

Step 3:

Slowly remove the back casing to prevent damaging the gasket

Step 4:

Remove the metal component that’s holding the mounting piece, then remove the mounting piece from the actuator.

Step 5:

Remove the spring with a pair of pliers. Make sure not to pull too hard to deforming the spring.

Step 6:

Next, take out the spring, place the spring as shown.

Step 7:

Position the mounting piece at the angle that you like. Then place two halves of metal pieces back on to the mounting piece.

Step 8:

Put the gasket back on to its original place and then put the mounting plate on.

Step 9:

Add all the screws back in as well as the mounting nut.

Step 10: That's It!

You finished the rotation for the mounting hole on the motor end.

If you have any further questions on mounting holes rotation, please check the link below for the video:


We can also customize the majority of our products with the mounting holes rotated.

Please note all custom order will have a lead time of 20-25 business days and the custom order can only be placed by phone or email.

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