How to Run Ethernet Cable to a Patch Panel Part 1

Introduction: How to Run Ethernet Cable to a Patch Panel Part 1

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Networking an Office Building and Setting Up the Data Room
This four-part video series takes us through a cabling job site with several of our networking technicians from our sister company Nova Voice & Data Systems in Oceanside, California and products from This job took place during a large renovation in a commercial office building, and our techs set up and cabled a data room, the phone system, and computer network. These videos visit with them while they bundle Ethernet cable in the data room and run it along data racks to patch panels, terminating the Cat.6 cable at the patch panels. We also check up with another technician who was terminating Ethernet jacks for phones and computers at the other end, and installing those jacks into the wall plates in other parts of the office.

Products used in this video:

CAT6 Ethernet Cable

48 Port Patch Panel

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