Introduction: How to Run a Manual Lathe

In this i will be explaining and walking you through on how to run a manual lathe. In this i am using a Logan lathe by Powermatic. There are many different lathes and types but i will give you general information that should help you get started.

Step 1: Step 1: ON OFF Switch

First locate your on off your on off switch. Some are buttons like mine or its a lever located next to your cross feed handle. That's the big handle on the bottom. Shown in the second picture on the right.The lever next to your big handle will also work for reversing your chuck clockwise and counterclockwise. In the picture above my mine is controlled by the switch on the far left.

Step 2: Step 2: Feeds and Speed

This is where you set the feed for the rate at which the tool feeds. The picture on the left shows the chart on how to set the feed. Some have handle that have letters and numbers. But every lathe has a chart that explains to you how to line up the handles for the desired feed. In mine it has handles that slide into holes that have letters on the left and the handle on the right you set for the number you want. In the second picture on the right is the spindle speed. This is where you control how fast your parts will spin in the chuck. Mine in called a variable speed handle. Some have levers and handle that will show in a chart how to alight them for a desired speed. In my case i can just spin the handle to the speed i want. Its important to know that you can only spin the handle wgile the spindle/chuck is turning.

Step 3: Step 3: Feed Engage

In the picture above is three levers. The very bottom two are the only ones needed. The lever with the white handle (far bottom lever) is the one used to engage the feed. The one above that lever is used to control the direction you want to feed forward or backwards from the chuck/part. Most lathes are set up in this way.

Step 4: Step 4: Turning Tool

We need to have a tool to cut the material. In the picture above i have a carbide inserted lathe tool. Any type of lathe tool can be used for this. Carbide is usually preferred for harder metals.

Step 5: Step 5: Touch Tool of Part

Use your cutting tool touch off on the part. Use the cross feed handle in the picture to the left to move your tool into the part. Once you see it cutting back the tool away from the part then move the dial/handle clockwise to move in for how much you want to take of on the part. Then you can engage the feed. Use the feed handle to also disengage the feed so as not to run the tool into the face of the chuck. This something you do not want to do.

Step 6:

This should be enough to help you start making some chips. The number one rule is safety. This is not something you want to be fooling around with or around. But it can be fun n and you can make some pretty cool stuff once you get some basic skills. Hope you enjoyed this and have fun and be safe.