How to Run a Still

Introduction: How to Run a Still

Hello my name is Daniel Kliegel, I'm an excellent operator who is familiar with the fermentation process and can easily explain and teach someone how to run the still. Which is a crucial part in the fermentation process when making ethanol. I am going to show you how to run a still in eight easy steps:

1. Fill water jacket to level and drain the last wash batch

2. Pour your batch into the base of the still

3. Push start on the DCS screen and listen for the motor starter

4. Wait about an hour to see temperatures rise

5. Monitor temps and proof of alcohol

6. Once the alcohol proof is getting below 180 turn still off

7. Remove water bottle full of Liquor and drain the weir the hydrometer sits in

8. Measure how much liquor you got out and proof of liquor

Step 1:

You will see on one side of the still's base a water level sight glass that has two marks on it for its set level. If the water level is high or low adjust accordingly and to do so you attach a water hose water jacket and fill to in-between the lines. On the other side you will see a blue handled valve and you will drain the last batch out.

Step 2:

You should have a carboy full of your wash and all you have to do is remove the large threaded cap off the pipe with a large pipe wrench and you will be filling it up slowly making sure you are not filling it up to far into the neck of the pipe. If you fill the base up to far into the neck you may use the ball valve to drain it a little.

Step 3:

There will be a little DCS (small touch screen) and at this point you will just hit the green start button and wait

Step 4:

When you start producing alcohol your weir will fill up and your alcohol meter will rise out of the alcohol a little bit telling you the proof of the alcohol it is important to watch your alcohol meter. Once your proof goes below 180 proof you should turn off the still with the red stop button on the DCS screen.

Step 5:

Once you are done producing alcohol you will take the water bottle off the mount and drain the weir with the needle valve on the bottom of the valve.

Step 6:

After you have all your alcohol you will need to write down the average proof and amount produced.

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