Introduction: How to Safely Cut an Avocado

We know a lot of people have trouble cutting avocados and ending up with an avocado hand. So here is our instructions on how to safely cut an avocado.

Created by: Montana McGowen, Kenny Castleman, and William Watson

Step 1: Obtain Avocado at Grocery Store

Avocado should be ripe.

Step 2: Grab Tools

You will need a paring knife, spoon, and plate/cutting board

Step 3: Firmly Grab the Avocado in Non-cutting Hand

Step 4: Take Knife and Start Cutting at Either End of the Avocado

Step 5: Begin Cutting Downwards Until You Feel the Pit

You will know you hit the pit once you feel a stop in the knife. Be careful and take your time. Here is a picture of the pit.

Step 6: Rotate Knife Around the Pit

Take knife out of avocado and continue to step 7. Watch the video for the first side cut on the avocado.

Step 7: Repeat Steps 3-6

Step 3: Firmly grab the avocado in non cutting hand

Step 4: Take knife and start cutting at the stem of the avocado

Step 5: Begin cutting downwards until you feel the pit

Step 6: Rotate knife around the pit

Follow the video for cutting the other side of the video.

Step 8: Put Knife Down

You won't need the knife again unless you decide to cut the avocado into smaller pieces.

Step 9: Twist and Pull/ Fall Apart

Once cut on both sides of the avocado twist and pull the two halves apart and set them side by side.

Step 10: Grab Spoon

Once you have the spoon take it and scoop the pit out. Don't forget to throw the pit away.

Step 11: Grab Spoon Again!

Take the spoon and carve between the flesh and skin.

Step 12: Remove Skin

Once the flesh is fully carved you can remove from the skin. Enjoy your avocado.