Introduction: How to Save Money

Learn how to Save Money, whether your trying to pay off bills or save for a new car. Try these realistic tips on ways to save money. Remember you have to make a budget and stick to it. Even if you mess up, keep trying and don't give up.

Step 1: How to Save Money - Tip 1

Make a Budget, you need to know how much money you make and what you spend it on. Separate your necessities from your entertainment, you can save cut the most with your entertainment, try not to affect your quality of life. Some things you can save more money with than others.

Step 2: How to Save Money - Tip 2

Make your own food, you can cut your food budget by 75 percent or more. Spending $10 on lunch a day is $300 a month. You can make most meals for under $4, it does take extra time to make, but it is worth the savings. Also make you own coffee, don't pay $3 or $4 a cup for something you can make for less than .25 cents.

Step 3: How to Save Money - Tip 3

Down size, your Apt, Car, Phone, Cable. Find a cheaper place to live, rent is usually the biggest expense a person has. Find a place closer to your work, but factor in gas and time. Down size your car, get something with better gas mileage. Not using all your minutes, go over your phone plan, and your phone company. Phone bills can be one of your bigger expenses. Next go over you cable bill, try Netflix, Hulu, or cheaper options.

Step 4: How to Save Money - Tip 4

By during sales, and use coupons, but only on things you already use. Just because it's on sale or you have a coupon, does't mean its deal. If you don't already use the product, then your just wasting your money. On the other hand, when your see non-perishable products, like tooth paste and deodorant that you use, buy enough until the next sale.

Step 5: How to Save Money - Tip 5

Don't carry your credit cards with you, pay with cash. This will help you keep track of your money better, instead of just swiping it away. Put only the cash you need for the day, or for shopping in you wallet. Of course you can fold up and hide a bill in your wallet or purse for just in case. More Tips on How to Save Money, Get Ideas on how toMake Money. You can also get into Coupons.