How to Save Your Favorite Sweater From Streched Cuffs.



Introduction: How to Save Your Favorite Sweater From Streched Cuffs.

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Fix Stretched Sweater Cuffs with elastic thread.

Step 1:

You will need.

Ball point needle.

Elastic thread.

Step 2:

Turn your cuffs inside out. Start with a first line, pass your elastic thread on the wrong side of your cuffs, between the loops with a lot of care, because we it mustn't be visible on the front side.

Step 3:

We pull the elastic thread gently as we continue to second line of hand sew.

Step 4:

We end this project with a third line of elastic thread and secure our thread at the end.

Step 5:

It' s an easy and quick way to save your favorite garments.

Step 6:

Look what you can see inside the cuffs. Neat and clean.

Step 7:

And here's the front side. You can see nothing!!!

Step 8:


Step 9:


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